What are the best gold IRA companies in Texas ?

Since the discovery of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium’s diversity and inflation hedge effect on retirement portfolios, more and more precious metals companies have been popping up, making it harder to find the best one for your needs.

However, we are fortunate to have researched many of these companies for ourselves, thus giving us an edge on what makes a good gold IRA company to help make it easier for investors to choose.

This includes Texas investors, for whom we have listed our top picks available for the area, beginning with our #1 choice for a gold IRA. Later, we explain why it’s our top pick and also provide you with answers to common questions you may have about precious metals before investing.

#1: Augusta Precious Metals

Joe Montana diversified his retirement with precious metals from Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a respected gold IRA company that enables you to open a self-directed retirement account to purchase IRS-approved gold and silver bullion and coins to help safeguard your life savings against falling stock prices and more. Click here to go to their official website.

You will also be assigned an experienced Equity Trust IRA custodian to facilitate your chosen purchases, ensure their safekeeping in a secure storage facility of your choice, oversee your account, and manage your paperwork on your behalf for peace of mind.

Every team member is also dedicated to helping make opening an account with Augusta Precious Metals easier by providing a streamlined buying process and paperwork assistance to help lessen the confusion.

They also provide you with invaluable precious metals education provided by a Harvard-trained-economic-analyst lead staff, you can request their gold IRA company checklist on this page. The company website also includes lots of learning resources and tools to further help you make informed choices regarding your IRA.

The staff also stays with you even after your purchase to help ensure continued success.


  • The company has been in business since 2012.
  • A+ BBB rating, Money Magazine’s Best Overall Gold IRA company 2022, Thousands of 5-star customer ratings, and more.
  • The company also works with a compliance team that also includes an experienced lawyer.
  • Clients can also make gold and silver cash purchases that will be delivered to their homes for free.
  • Site also includes an inflation calculator to see how different market changes affect your retirement savings.
  • Clients can choose from various depository locations, including Shiner and Dallas, Texas.


  • You can only purchase gold and silver through the company.
  • The company does not guarantee that it will repurchase precious metals sold by them.

#2: Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Groups logo

Birch Gold Group is a leading dealer of precious metals in America whose overall goal is to help retirement investors discover how gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals can be used to provide long-term stability against unforeseen economic volatilities that can diminish their portfolio’s returns. You can access their official website here.

The company’s expert team of former wealth managers, commodity brokers, and financial advisors can also help you convert your current eligible retirement account into a precious-metals-backed Birch Gold Group IRA for the potential of increased results.

Your precious metals will then be safely stored in one of the many secure depositories the company partners with, or you can take direct possession of your precious metals and have them delivered to your residence.

Birch Gold Group’s company’s mission is to also empower its customers through knowledge.

Hence, their experienced staff also works with you to learn your objectives and clear up any concerns regarding the pros and cons of investing in precious metals so that you can make the best-suited choice for you based on a thorough understanding.

The company has also an A+ BBB rating, an AAA Consumer Alliance rating, and lots of 5-star customer ratings on various reputable review sites.

Birch Gold Group is a great gold IRA company to protect and diversify your portfolio


  • Birch Gold Group has been in business since 2003.
  • You can choose between a STRATA or Equity Trust custodian.
  • Clients can purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as part of their IRA.
  • The company has also appeared on major media and news outlets for its expertise in market instability and growth.
  • They serve a wide base of Americans across all 50 states.
  • There is a live ticker on their site to help you keep up with precious metals prices.
  • The site also has an interactive historical chart to compare past gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals prices for the best deals. It also includes an asset allocation calculator to see how gold affects your investments.
  • They offer many secure storage depositories to choose from, which increases the chance of finding one near you.
  • You can sign up to get free market update emails.


  • They only list their minimum required investment on their site.
  • They do not offer a buyback program.

#3: Noble Gold

an IRS approved gold bar of 99.995 finess from Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold offers a gold IRA and Silver IRA that enable you to back your retirement savings with the benefits of precious metals.

As a client, you will also receive in-depth knowledge from various financial agents on the safe way to add precious metals to your retirement portfolio for added value. Click here to request their guide.

Their team of experts, which also consists of certified public accountants and estate planning attorneys, can also put clients in touch with other experts in a variety of other specialties for more services and better decision-making.

Noble Gold also stores your IRA precious gold purchase in the Texas Depository, which has been strictly vetted as a secure storage site.

Noble Gold Investments company logo


  • The company has been in the precious metals business for over 20 years.
  • Customers can choose from IRS-approved gold and silver coins and bars and platinum coins and palladium coins. They also offer rare coins.
  • The precious metals are sourced from the Royal Canadian Mint and more.
  • Clients can also receive home delivery of their precious metals to store on their own.
  • Noble Gold is BBB and Business Consumer Alliance accredited, and more.
  • The company lists its prices on its site.
  • Clients can track their Gold IRA account balance online.


  • They do not list their minimum required IRA investment or purchase on their site.
  • They do not offer a buyback program.

#4: Texas Precious Metals

Texas Precious Metals a gold IRA company located 959 State Hwy 95N Shiner TX77984

Texas Precious Metals allows customers to purchase gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, silver, and platinum on their own or as part of an IRA for added diversity.

The company’s team of specialists can also assist you with your IRA and 401k rollovers into a self-directed IRA for hassle-free retirement investing in precious metals.

Clients can also wait until their desired precious metals reach a certain price and then have their purchase automatically executed.

Texas Precious Metals also proudly lists their buy and sell prices online. There are also no salespeople, sales commissions, or pressure to buy.


  • Texas Precious Metals both buys and sells gold, silver, and platinum products.
  • Their prices are consistently lower than benchmark industry premiums.
  • There is no order minimum.
  • Customers can also pay using a debit card or credit card.
  • The Company works with the Texas Depository to store your precious metals.
  • They offer free shipping and insurance when you make a direct purchase.
  • The company has also appeared in MarketWatch, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and more


  • They don’t buy or sell palladium products.

#5: Austin Rare Coins

Austin Rare Coins and bullion a company located 13809 Research Blvd Suite 405 in Texas

Austin Rare Coins is a trusted gold, silver, and rare coin company that has traded over 1 billion dollars in the finest U.S. and ancient precious metals coins.

Their experienced staff of coin dealers will also help you understand how to balance your portfolio for more diversity using private gold, silver bullion, and the finest rare coins to help hedge against inflation and more.

Or they can simply help you learn how to purchase the finest collection of rare U.S., Ancient, and World War coins.

The company also lists live gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices on its site to help you make a comfortable purchase.


  • Austin Rare Coins has been in business since 1989.
  • The company also buys rare coins and precious metals.
  • They have an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • Clients also have access to various learning materials on their site to help prepare themselves for making the best investments.
  • Their coin advisors help you balance your portfolio with precious metals in the safest, most private way for increased diversity and security. Their advice is also free.


  • They don’t offer an IRA.
  • They don’t store your coins in a secure depository.
  • They have a $5,000 minimum for in-person purchases.

#6: Texas Precious Metals Depository

Texas Precious Metals Depository is a private underground security facility for IRA precious metals storage. It also allows clients to purchase precious metals on their own from them.

When you choose their storage services, your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are stored completely separate from other clients’ assets, and they are also fully insured through Lloyd’s of London.

Its storage facility is also equipped with various state-of-the-art security measures, including bulletproof doors at all access points, man traps and truck traps for restricted entry, biometric scanners, metal detectors, and more.

Or, you can have your precious metals withdrawn and shipped to your residence fully insured and with no withdrawal or handling fees.


  • It is a private facility unaffiliated with the federal or state government.
  • The underground vault is concrete entombed and bulletproof.
  • Your segregated precious metals are also individually sealed and audited annually.
  • Since it is located in Texas, which is a tax-free jurisdiction for precious metals, the transactions are tax-free.
  • There are no set-up fees.
  • They charge low monthly rates.
  • The company does not outsource its security.
  • Their trained team will also help you through the transaction steps from purchase to final storage.


  • The depository is located in Texas, so residents outside of the state will have to travel if they want to check on their precious metals.

#7: Goldco

Goldcos logo a precious metals IRA company available online

Goldco is a leader in the precious metals industry that enables investors to purchase gold, silver, and more to help diversify and protect their retirement savings.

Or clients can also simply purchase precious metals coins and bars directly from the company.

The privately held company also has over 10 years of experience helping customers, so their specialists will gladly walk you through every step of the process for stellar customer service and maximum trust.

They also provide their customers with precious metals education and resources for even more confidence when making their purchases.


  • Goldco has an A+ rating with the BBB, an AAA rating with Consumer Alliance, and over 2,000 5-star customer reviews.
  • The company is also backed by major media mogul Sean Hannity and more.
  • They also have a buyback program that guarantees the highest price.
  • They work with all major Self-Directed IRA custodians.


  • They don’t list which depositories they work with.
  • They don’t list their prices on their site.

#8: Michael Scott Gold and Silver

Michael Scott Gold Silver a gold a precious metals company 1521 N. Cooper St Suite 216 Arlington TX 76011

Michael Scott Gold & Silver is a #1 rated U.S. Mint bullion coin seller located in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The company is also an authorized dealer for the world’s leading precious metals dealer, Dillon Gage, who has been in business for over 30 years.

Their gold, silver, and platinum products are also fully backed by certified commercial and government mints and sold in new condition. They also come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The company also promises to offer the lowest premiums in the industry. Hence, it also offers a price match guarantee on all the precious metals they sell.


  • They also offer a gold IRA.
  • The company also offers free product testing of gold, silver, and platinum, no matter where they were purchased.
  • They provide free consultations to purchase their precious metals.
  • Their appointments are conducted in a private office suite completely out of view of the public.
  • They promise not to sell or share your personal information with outside parties.
  • It is a BBB-accredited business and has many 5-star Google Reviews.
  • They buy back their precious metals.
  • They take time to ensure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase


  • They do not provide their prices on their site.

Why Augusta Precious Metals is Our Top Choice for a Gold IRA in Texas ?

Augusta Precious Metals is our top pick for a gold IRA because it has all the
ingredients of the best gold IRA company, including over 10 years of experience in the precious metals industry, an A+ BBB rating, and IRS-approved gold and silver products.

The company also works with Equity Trust custodians, which are some of the most experienced and trustworthy in the business, as well as a third-party compliance team to ensure ADA compliance.

Clients also have access to rare industry insights provided by a Harvard-trained economic analyst in addition to a precious metals price chart and an inflation and retirement calculator via the website to crunch the numbers to make the best investments.

When you are ready to initiate your IRA rollover process, their team of specialists also assists with over 90% of the paperwork so it is completed accurately and can be processed quickly.

It also has many verified 5-star customer ratings on various top review sites, including Google Reviews, Trustlink, and more.

The first year’s fees are also waived when you invest over a certain amount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold IRAs

Do I Earn Interest With Precious Metals?

Precious metals are purchased more for their scarcity, which makes them valuable in and of themselves. However, they do not earn interest.

Do Precious Metals IRAs Offer Tax Benefits?

Yes. Precious metals IRAs provide the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA.

Why Does My IRA Precious Metals Have to be Stored in a Depository?

The IRS requires any precious metals in your retirement account to be held in a depository because they offer more security than storing them in your home or bank safety deposit box, etc.

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